Hanno® Clima-Tect – die ideale Lösung zum Verschluss von Kabelöffnungen in Doppelböden
Contains high quality foam Basotect from BASF - The Chemical Company
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Ariane 5 enclosing Herschel and Planck in the Ariane launch area, at Europe's Spaceport on 13 May 2009.
Oeko-Tex Certificate
The base material Basotect® serves as the basis for Hanno® Clima-Tect® and has been categorised in building materials class B1 in accordance with DIN 4102 due to its extraordinary flame retardant property.

This melamine resin foam is rendered almost airtight by a special HANNO treatment. Hanno® Clima-Tect® is supplied by the factory in 620 x 620 mm panels, ´which can be used to close any hole forms up to the size of a standard floor tile of false floors. Customized sizes and other formats are also available, subject to the purchasing of corresponding quantities. The panels are approx. 5 cm thick, so as to ensure an optimal closing of the openings.

Perforated cuboids make the breaking out of the required cable passages easier. The openings which are created in the Hanno® Clima-Tect® should always be a little smaller than required as the material can be easily pressed together and optimally adapts to the inserted cable. An escaping of the cold air is reduced by up to 99.9% as a result.

Hanno® Clima-Tect® makes an ideal savings contribution:
reduces costs, saves resources and is fast and efficient!

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