Hanno® Clima-Tect – die ideale Lösung zum Verschluss von Kabelöffnungen in Doppelböden
The amount of air loss can be reduced by 99.9% if the line or cable openings in false floors are closed off using Hanno® Clima-Tect®, instead of leaving them open. Hanno® Clima-Tect® offers the ideal solution: fast, efficient, inexpensive and can be subsequently installed during ongoing operations!   Hanno Clima-Tect in Kabelöffnung

Clima-Tect® now also available as lateral rack seal!
Studies have shown that additionally up to 30% cold air is lost if the rack front sealing is poor. Warm and cold air can mix in part-loaded racks or through openings in the studding. This can lead to undesired ... read more

  Hanno Clima-Tect als seitliche Rackabdichtung
Little effort – great effect
Deutsche Bank will reduce its CO₂ emissions by 20 per cent every year. One focus is on the high energy consumption of the server rooms, which is due to cooling the servers require. The refrigerated air is blown into the
... read more
  Hanno Clima-Tect in Rechenzentrum der Deutschen Bank London
TÜV NORD confirms: Hanno® Clima-Tect® has distinctly higher efficiency than brush system for sealing cable openings in server room false floors. TÜV NORD Systems GmbH & Co. KG was requested to check the air loss at the Hanno® Clima-Tect® sealing element ... read more   Hanno Clima-Tect als seitliche Rackabdichtung
Datacenter 2020 study by T-Systems and Intel highlights efficiency of raised floor sealing! In a test data center, T-Systems and Intel performed measurements of the efficiency of Green-IT measures and reported totally 19% less energy consumption for server cooling ... read more   Hanno Clima-Tect als seitliche Rackabdichtung